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11 October 2008 @ 07:51 pm
This community is now on HIATUS until further notice. Only 2 people entered the challenge and not a lot of people signed up to participate. I will try and revive the community if and when I see more people join.
02 September 2008 @ 11:05 pm
All right, even though there aren't very many participants, I am going to start the LIMS in hopes of getting some traffic. Plus, I don't wanna lose everyone who has joined already :)

c h a l l e n g e t i m eCollapse )
19 August 2008 @ 01:27 am

Go and apply now! Slayer Elite is an elite buffy the vampire slayer icon challenge community! If you think you've got what it takes, go and apply to be a part of the fun!

slayer_elite !!
29 July 2008 @ 03:25 am
This is the NEW affiliate post for any communities out there that haven't affiliated with us and want to. Please leave a comment to THIS post and THIS post ONLY if you want to be an affiliate. Leave your community name in the comment and I will respond when I add you.

ALSO, I am looking for a co-moderator, so if you are interested, please comment here as well. A few guidelines I am looking for...

X. Must have some kind of experience being a mod, preferably at a LIMS competition. Please list where you are/were a mod in your comment.
X. Must have some graphic experience, only because this is a LIMS competition and I would like all mods to participate. Please post 5-10 of your best icons in the comment as well.
X. Must be responsible. I need to know that if I go away, the challenges/voting/winners etc. will be taken care of properly.

And that's all. So, if you are interested, comment here following the above guidelines and I will make my decision in a few days on my new co-mod. Comments WILL be screened.
29 July 2008 @ 03:15 am
All right so as the new moderator here at ats_lims, I took the responsibility of revamping everything. Brand new layout, new sign ups, and I will be making a new affiliate post for any other comm.'s that wanna still affiliate with us. So, here we go. Sign ups for round 02 begin now.


You have until August 8th, 2008 to sign up, then the first challenge begins and no other sign ups will be accepted until Round 03.


hollowinsidex - 1 skip
jillrenay - 1 skip
michelle_sarah - 1 skip
eryslash - 2 skips
boo__you_whore - 1 skip
winter_rogue - 2 skips
messdestruction - 1 skip
stolenglimpse - 1 skip
22 June 2007 @ 09:57 am
AtS LIMS is my baby, and my first ever LIMS community, which makes this sad. I haven't been on LJ in months, it got too overpowering. I had too many communities and had no time for my website nor my message board. I can't do it all anymore, so I'm just keeping wherethegoodgo, grringirl and btvs_lims.

If you are interested in taking over the community, please comment with the following info: Your name, email, a few samples of your icons and previous LIMS experience. Comments are screened.

If I find someone I see fit to take over, I'll hand the community over to you. If you want, I can help out as a co-mod from time to time, but you would have the main "responsability". If nobody wants the community, or if I don't find anyone I think would be a good "owner", I'll close the community.
Keeping up the excitement. :)


And the round #2 LAST ICON MAKER STANDING is.....Collapse )

The sign ups for round #3 will begin in a few weeks so stay tuned. :)
20 February 2007 @ 09:23 am
Whoa, you guys we're fast with entering. ;) So, on to the voting.

- Vote for your favourite set, no reason is necessary unless you want to.
- If you're one in the final two, do not vote.
- Don't post the icons anywhere before the voting is over. :)

The pretty icons of the final twoCollapse )
19 February 2007 @ 09:29 am
Welcome to the final challenge, ctofine and sugarfixx! :)

I'm going to assume you all know the rules by now (100x100, 40KB, new icons only, do not post icons anywhere until voting is over, post both image and url) so I'll skip right to the challenge.

You will be making three icons, one for each part. :) Your icons will be judged as a set in the voting.

Part 1: Cap
Gunn in 2x16, Epiphany

Part 2: Theme
That Old Gang Of Mine
Make an icon of one (or all of them) person in the original Angel gang, meaning either Cordy, Doyle or Angel. You can make an icon featuring all three also if you wish, it's your choice.

Part 3: Your Choice
Like it says, your choice. :) Just make sure it's a cap from or promo of the series, no actors out of character.

The deadline is Friday March 2nd in evening GMT+2, or before that if both have gotten their icons in. :)
12 February 2007 @ 09:36 am
We have to say goodbye to another iconmaker. :( You've been awesome, hopefully we'll see you next round. :)

Just give me a few days to come up with the challenge for the top two. :)


People's Choice:

Mod's Choice:
I love the colouring and cropping, and the graciousness of the icon. :)

Total votes tallyCollapse )

If you want to know your comments, comment here with the number of your icon and I'll reply with a screened comment. If you don't have the email notification turned on, please also give me your email so I can email the comments to you. :)